E. South Central: AL/KY/MS/TN

Green River Area Development District (KY) – Regional Economic Growth Strategy

Challenge Kentucky’s Green River Region is situated along the scenic Ohio River. The seven counties comprising the region (Daviess, Hancock, Henderson, McLean, Ohio, Union, and Webster) provide options ranging from quintessential Kentucky horse farms to urban lofts. The region has enjoyed strong leadership; effective organizations; and unique assets, including the […]

Gulf Coast Community Foundation (MS) – Opportunity Analysis

Challenge Following the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010—the largest maritime oil spill in US history—the state of Mississippi was awarded $750 million to help offset economic damages in coastal communities. In 2018, the Mississippi legislature passed a law (Senate Bill 2002) committing 75 percent of the remaining BP

Fort Campbell Region (KY/TN) – Fort Campbell Strong Economic Growth Plan

Challenge The inactivation of the 159th Combat Aviation Brigade coupled with additional reductions in Army personnel dropped the active duty population at Fort Campbell to 26,500 in FY2015, down from a high of 31,092 just two years earlier. These personnel actions had a significant impact on the regional economy (defined

West Kentucky Workforce Investment Board – Regional Growth Economic Strategy

Challenge West Kentucky has a long history of economic success: as a 19th century distribution hub, an agricultural center, a nuclear-age site for uranium enrichment, and a center for numerous manufacturing specialties. In recent years, the region’s economy has been driven by its large military presence (Fort Campbell) and a

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