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A Proven Framework

A Proven Framework

For more than two decades, TIP’s work has been guided by our Talent, Innovation, and Place framework. Unlike traditional approaches, the T-I-P framework highlights the connection between economic vitality and these three essential factors:

  • Talent. Communities and regions that are able to meet employers’ demand for skilled talent have a competitive advantage.
  • Innovation. The ability of companies, individuals, and communities to innovate is a defining characteristic of success in today’s technology-driven economy.
  • Place. Creating quality places that offer a range of options for housing, employment, and amenities is an essential element of economic health.

Our Strategy Practice

TIP’s strategy work ranges from statewide initiatives to site-specific recommendations. The ability to accomplish our mission of inspiring and engaging community leaders is reflected in our high rate of repeat business. Our clients give us high marks for our attention to implementation, the quality of our products, and the depth of our engagement process.

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