What We Do

Planning Model for a clear vision for economic growth.

TIP Planning Model

Our three-phase Theory Into Practice planning model underlies every engagement.

  • The initial Discovery phase ensures that we clarify the project objectives and compile the necessary information to understand the context.
  • The exploration of big ideas and possibilities during the Opportunity phase considers the project from multiple perspectives.
  • The Implementation phase ensures we provide actionable and specific steps for moving forward.

Practice Areas

TIP Practice Area: Strategy


For more than 25 years, TIP has helped our clients gain the insights and tools they need to support sound decision-making and create healthy, vibrant economies.

TIP Practice Area: Talent


TIP has an extensive track record of successful workforce planning engagements. Our portfolio includes talent-driven strategies for states, regions, and small communities. We pride ourselves on our ability to implement shared objectives across multiple stakeholders.

TIP Practice Area: Resilency


Our resilience plans are designed to help our clients move through and emerge from economic disruptions and natural disasters. TIP’s approach is centered on stabilizing local businesses and sectors, strengthening infrastructure and critical systems, and identifying opportunities to drive recovery.

TIP Practice Area: Advisory


TIP team members have served as trusted advisors to elected officials, industry leaders, and community organizations. We bring a broad background to our consulting work that includes direct experience in organizational management, equity and inclusion, land use and planning, and data analytics and visualization.

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