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Sustainability = Opportunity
Integrating sustainability and economic development priorities
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DEI Matters
Using connected leadership to support diversity, equity, and inclusion
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The TIP Advantage

TIP Strategies has worked for over 25 years to develop innovative strategies, programs, and outreach campaigns. Our Theory Into Practice planning model combines rigorous data analysis with the latest thinking in economic development, workforce training, and community-based principles. We pride ourselves on our ability to think creatively, and we customize each engagement, from initial outreach to final implementation.

Our Mission

To engage and inspire community leaders to help the people they serve thrive economically, financially, and socially.










TIP Practice Area: Strategy


For more than 25 years, TIP has helped our clients gain the insights and tools to support sound decision-making and create healthy, vibrant economies.

TIP Practice Area: Talent


TIP’s talent practice helps communities build the skilled labor pool essential to economic growth and prosperity, while creating economic opportunity for residents.

TIP Practice Area: Resilency


We have a long history of helping clients build the agile organizations and flexible systems required to handle disruptions and support vulnerable populations.

TIP Practice Area: Advisory


Our team’s decades of experience, proven planning model, and suite of analytical tools can be tailored to help our clients address challenges and leverage opportunities.


Placemaking Through Open Streets

Open streets policies put in place by some communities to ease the burden of restrictions on gathering during the COVID-19 pandemic have been extended from temporary solutions to permanent programs. The success of these policies in cities like Houston, Seattle, and Ann Arbor has demonstrated the value of intentionally shaping…
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Policy Tools to Increase Housing Supply and Improve Affordability

The super-heated housing market that dominated headlines and led to sky-high housing prices during the COVID-19 pandemic has cooled. Yet, higher home prices relative to pre-pandemic levels and reduced affordability have lingered, pointing to a continued housing shortage. The implications for talent and business recruitment and retention make this topic…
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Volunteers collecting aid

Triptychs: Meeting Sustainability Needs Through Hubs

Sustainability is increasingly understood as both an economic and an environmental imperative. In our latest Triptychs post, Rachel Wise looks at three collaborations aimed at raising awareness of sustainability issues such as climate change, creating resilient places and people, and helping leaders make informed decisions about the future.
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Geography of Jobs Visualization Map

Geography Of Jobs

Tight labor markets motivate employers. Slack labor markets concern workforce development agencies and policymakers. Regardless of where we are in the business cycle, talent development is always a concern. TIP has a long track record and depth of expertise in successful workforce planning, particularly in the alignment of goals across multiple stakeholders.

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