Solidarity and Support

We know the ground feels more than a little shaky right now as you focus on the wellbeing of your families, your colleagues, and your communities.

For 25 years, TIP Strategies has been there with you. And when you’re ready, we will be there to face this with you as well.

Check out our resources related to understanding and overcoming the economic challenges we will face as a result of COVID-19.

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Our Mission:

To engage and inspire community leaders to help the people they serve thrive economically, financially, and socially

Our Services

Strategic Planning

TIP’s core offering of strategic planning for economic development includes a full suite of associated services. Our strategic plans range from statewide initiatives down to small scale sites, business districts, and corridors. We spend a lot of time in US suburbs and exurbs, areas we know well. And our clients often return, giving us high marks for our attention to implementation, quality of our products, and depth of our engagement process.

Organizational Development

It is one thing to develop a multi-year strategic plan. It is quite another to launch a new organization, restructure an existing board, align coalitions for mutual goals, or successfully execute an educational awareness campaign. TIP offers advisory services tailored to guide clients through these challenges.

Talent Strategies

Tight labor markets motivate employers. Slack labor markets concern workforce development agencies and policymakers. Regardless of where we are in the business cycle, talent development is always a concern. TIP has a long track record and depth of expertise in successful workforce planning, particularly in the alignment of goals across multiple stakeholders.

TIP Strategies Blog

Planning in Turbulent Times

  “…in turbulent times, the first task of management is to make sure of the institution’s capacity for survival, to make sure of its structural strength and soundness, of its capacity to survive a blow, to adapt to sudden change, and to avail itself of new...

Geography of Risk: COVID-19

As the COVID-19 crisis and its economic effects continue to unfold, it has become clear that communities need to understand the job-related exposure and financial instability their residents risk to more effectively direct resources and support. To help shed light on these issues, TIP created the Occupational Risk Tool, based on the characteristics of occupations across the US. The health risk and risk to earnings scores, assigned by TIP, form the basis for the Occupational Risk Tool. Learn more about TIP’s unique new tool, experience an interactive demo, and read about the lessons we’ve learned on our blog.

Solidarity and Support

Over the next several weeks, we intend to provide a series of practical and forward-looking resources. To start, we have included links to webinars from our trusted partners at the McChrystal Group and the International Economic Development Council (IEDC). Also included are articles providing insights on how these events are likely to have a lasting impact.

Geography of Jobs

National economic cycles have their ups and downs. But locally, these shifts may play out differently. In your own hometown, you may have witnessed economic patterns that were out of sync with those of the nation. Perhaps the timing of the downturn or recovery just felt different? Maybe the intensity of the expansion or recession was greater? You’re not alone. It’s no surprise that Miami’s economic base is unlike Modesto’s, or that Scranton’s job cycles don’t mirror San Diego’s. To put local economies in better context, TIP Strategies developed the Geography of Jobs map. This interactive data visualization tracks net job gains and losses across US metropolitan statistical areas since 1999. Check it out and see how your location compares to the rest of country.

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Jon Roberts and his team were truly amazing. They were masterful in working with our CEOs and community leaders. By leveraging their experience and knowledge, we were able to develop a holistic comprehensive plan that inspired our community members to cohesively come together and create our road map for prosperity.

President & CEO, Greater Green Bay Chamber (WI)

I want to thank you for a job well done. You guys did great and thorough work and I appreciate the patience in working with a large group to build consensus through the end of the report.

City Manager, City of Fort Worth, Texas

There isn't an industry or an environment Tracye can’t handle. She brings a spirit of innovation, creativity, and powerful execution to every endeavor.

President, AT&T Texas

[TIP] worked collaboratively with our CEOs and stakeholders throughout Delaware to ensure that the end product—the Delaware Growth Agenda—was not only data-driven and substantive, but politically sensitive and respectful to the varied interests in our state. The result was a plan that was on time, on budget and on point.

Executive Director, Delaware Business Roundtable

We’ve very much enjoyed working with [TIP] throughout this entire process. From the discovery work to site visits to this week’s presentation, you’ve been every bit as good as advertised.

President/CEO, Bismarck-Mandan Development Association

Tracye is the best of the best. Her ability to navigate sophisticated partners makes her a powerful advocate and a strategic phenom.

CEO, Texas Association of Business

Jon Roberts and [TIP] worked diligently for our city. Their work was comprehensive and very instrumental for the future of our city. TIP helped us put our plan in writing and set us on a course to achieve our goals.

Mayor, City of Waxahachie, Texas

From the outset, TIP delivered on the promise of their proposal and their interview. They helped us understand national trends and how they could impact our efforts… Most importantly, they exhibited a skillful balance of moving us in the right direction without attempting to “tell us what was good for us.”

Project Lead, VISTA 2025 Project, Chester County Economic Development Council (PA)

Like a skilled craftsman, Tracye always know the right tool for the job. She leverages powerful resources to achieve powerful results.

Chairman and CEO, Wakefern Food Corp.

Not only did [TIP] meet our expectations during the project period, we continue to call upon them as we move through implementation…. Our experience with them has set a standard we hope can be met by other consulting firms.

Chairman (former), Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership (NY)

Both the document and the process that you guided us through will serve us well for years to come and provide much needed vitality to our local economy.

President, Maricopa Economic Development Alliance

Tracye McDaniel has brought an incredible focus to the task of reducing red tape for businesses and cutting taxes that impede expansion. Having worked in Texas, she is familiar with pro-business climates. She understands the need for conveying that message to companies. She is a force on this issue.

Governor (former), State of New Jersey

TIP works to stay on the cutting edge of economic development nationally, and we rely on them for their insights and their diligence to get things right.

Executive Director (former), Racine County Economic Development Corporation