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TIP Strategies: Luke Shuffield, Associate Consultant

Luke Shuffield

Associate Consultant

Luke joined TIP in early 2021 after years of experience in the tech industry, small business development, and education. As an early member of the risk analysis team at Facebook, he critically evaluated financial transactions for potentially fraudulent activity and made recommendations for algorithmic adjustment. He then became the CEO and founder of a Dubai-based startup in the travel and hospitality space, successfully raising $25,000 in seed funding from an incubator. Transitioning to a role that utilized his writing skills, he worked as a content creator for an online learning platform targeted at small business owners, generating educational curricula and guided implementation plans to accompany the platform’s lectures. At the same time, he worked as an SAT tutor for the leading company in the industry, consistently producing significant score gains for dozens of high school students with his in-depth knowledge of all subjects and pedagogical approach. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Duke University, with an additional specialization in Markets & Management Studies.

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