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Preparing for Disruption

Preparing for Disruption

TIP has a long history of working with communities and regions facing significant economic upheaval. These challenges include recessions, the decline of major industry sectors, plant shutdowns, military base closures, and natural disasters. Today’s global economy and the increasing threat of climate-related events increases the likelihood of future disruptions.

Our team has successfully managed dozens of federally funded projects, including CARES Act-funded recovery and resilience strategies focused on the impacts of COVID-19. Preparing systems and organizations to withstand, and potentially avoid, future shocks is at the heart of these engagements.

Our Resilience Practice

Like our strategy work, our recovery and resilience plans provide actionable information for collaboration and decision making. One key difference is a focus on identifying vulnerabilities in systems, in resources, and among populations. This change in perspective influences the data that is collected, the stakeholders engaged in the plan’s development, and the partner network charged with implementation.

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