Who We Are

Our Perspective

We are a team of experienced and creative professionals dedicated to inspiring and engaging our clients. Our work with public and private sector organizations focuses on solutions that unlock the full potential of their local economy and the people they serve. We believe the most successful and sustainable strategies build pathways and create economic opportunity across a broad spectrum of skills and wealth. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central propositions in our client relationships, in our planning process, and in our firm. We value team members who remain curious about the world around them and who seek to make a difference through their work.

TIP Strategies presentation

In the Field


TIP’s Leadership team brings a practitioner’s perspective to our work. Each principal has direct experience managing economic development efforts at the state or major metropolitan area level. They have served as trusted advisors to governors, state and local officials, and private sector executives. A senior member of the firm is involved in every client engagement.
TIP Strategies: Tom Stellman, CEO & Founder

Tom Stellman

CEO & Founder
TIP Strategies: Jon Roberts, Managing Partner

Jon Roberts

Managing Partner
TIP Strategies: Jeff Marcell, Senior Partner

Jeff Marcell

Senior Partner

Engagement Management

Our Engagement Management team is committed to getting it right. This group of highly motivated and experienced consultants helps translate TIP’s mission to inspire and engage our clients and communities into action. Our goal for each engagement is to deliver a product that meets—and exceeds—our client’s expectations.

Relationships & Outreach

The Relationship & Outreach team helps keep TIP in touch with current and potential clients by managing our participation in events, conducting marketing and social media campaigns, and responding to proposals and business opportunities. Creating and maintaining connections with our client and partner network is an essential part of our business model.
TIP Strategies, John Karras, VP, Business Development

John Karras

VP, Business Development
TIP Strategies: Rachel Wise, Proposal Writer

Rachel Wise, PhD

Senior Writer & Communications Strategist

Behind the Scenes

Research & Development

The Research & Development team combines a suite of analytical tools and innovative techniques to provide the data our clients need for decision-making. Our researchers have a practical understanding of which data is most useful, who the audience is, and how to best present the information. Our analysts also create in-house, interactive tools to shed light on key issues.
TIP Strategies: Evan Johnston, Senior Analyst

Evan Johnston

Senior Analyst
Reece Neathery

Reece Neathery

Associate Analyst


The Production team is responsible for the look and feel of our deliverables and presentations. This team combines high-impact graphic design expertise with a deep commitment to clearly stated, user-friendly language to make sure we leave an impression through our printed and visual materials.
Karen Beard

Karen Beard

SVP, Production
TIP Strategies: Meredith Eberle, Senior Graphic Designer

Meredith Eberle

Senior Graphic Designer
Joni Wilson

Joni Wilson

Adjunct Editor


Our Operations department keeps the trains running on time. From maintaining our vendor relationships to keeping our offices functioning and ensuring our travel plans go off without a hitch, this team plays a vital behind-the-scenes role in our success.
TIP Strategies: Tristin Caramiho, VP, Accounting

Tristin Caramiho

VP, Accounting
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