E. South Central: AL/KY/MS/TN

Clarksville-Montgomery County Economic Development Council (TN) – Labor Market Assessment for the Fort Campbell Region

Challenge Home to Fort Campbell, the nation’s third largest military installation, and a desirable mix of private-sector employment, the Clarksville-Montgomery County region has remained a magnet for population and employment growth, even during the national economic downturn. Maintaining the region’s quality of place and the employment opportunities that attracted this […]

Claiborne County, MS – Economic Development Strategic Plan

Challenge Bordered by the Mississippi River to the west and Homochitto National Forest to the southeast, Claiborne County boasts abundant economic, natural, and cultural assets that include Alcorn State University, Port Gibson’s historic downtown, and Entergy’s Grand Gulf Nuclear Station. Despite these assets, Claiborne County was struggling to maintain its

Calhoun County Chamber (AL) – Workforce Retention & Economic Strategy

Challenge Located in Anniston, Alabama, the Anniston Army Depot (the Depot) is one of a small number of US Army installations charged with neutralizing or destroying the country’s chemical weapons stockpiles, but this process was set to end in 2011. In addition to the anticipated job losses from the conclusion

Delta Regional Authority – Regional Development Plan and Update

Challenge The Delta Regional Authority (DRA) is a federal-state partnership serving a 252-county/parish area encompassing portions of Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee. Led by a Federal Co-Chairman and the governors of each participating state, the DRA is charged with improving the standard of living for the

Pearl River County, MS – Economic Development Strategic Plan

Challenge Pearl River County sits at the center of the Gulf Coast super-region that stretches from Baton Rouge and New Orleans to Northwest Florida and is home to more than 5 million residents. Along with its geographic advantages, the County’s assets include transportation infrastructure (Interstate 59, Picayune Municipal Airport, freight

Jackson County Economic Development Foundation (MS) – Strategic Innovation Plan

Challenge Jackson County, Mississippi—one of the leading industrial centers along the Gulf Coast—has shown remarkable resiliency in the face of numerous challenges to its economic stability, including major storm events and economic upheavals associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The leadership’s commitment to economic growth has paid dividends, as evidenced by

ProVenture – Labor Market Research (Selected Markets)

Challenge The availability of skilled labor has been an increasingly important factor in site location decisions. For corporate decision-makers, it is no longer sufficient to understand the overall supply of workers; investment decisions often depend on the ability to demonstrate a likely pool of workers with specific skills. Response Nashville-based

Maury County Alliance (TN) – Talent Report Card

Challenge Maury County, Tennessee, enjoyed a relatively young housing stock, low rates of violent crime, and a healthy share of residents ages 20 to 39. These attributes, along with its location in the orbit of the Nashville metropolitan area, should have made Maury County a contender for talent attraction and

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