Lubbock, Texas: Building Innovation

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

One recent project that has yielded significant positive outcomes is the strategic plan TIP completed for the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA). Since the plan was finalized in March 2015, two of the five priority projects TIP identified have already been partially implemented: 1) attracting catalyst R&D investments into the community in partnership with the Texas Tech University system and city leaders; and 2) establishing a community college campus in an under-served portion of the city.

Below is a brief summary of early results from these two priority initiatives:

Research & Development: LEDA’s financial commitment to support programs related to entrepreneurship & innovation as part of Texas Tech’s new research park were highlighted in a November 2014 press release. Thanks in part to the strategic plan, LEDA has committed over $250,000 to the effort. LEDA’s 2014-2015 annual report  reveals that their contributions are already yielding results. The research park’s first tenant was announced in February 2015, several months before the park opened. (Chromatin, an agri-science company based in Chicago is moving its R&D division to Lubbock.)

Community College: A South Plains College media release details LEDA’s involvement in expanding the college into Lubbock, specifically to an underserved part of the city, which TIP identified as a critical gap in the region’s talent development system to be addressed by the strategic plan. LEDA is committing $1.9 million initially (with another $1 million held for future investment) as part of a coalition of community partners that is developing a major new center for South Plains College in East Lubbock—an area that has experienced disinvestment for many years.

The plan has played a key supportive role in moving these initiatives forward, leading to some investments and job growth. Yet, this is just the beginning. We’re excited to watch as LEDA continues to implement the plan.

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