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City of Shelton, WA – Five-Year Economic Development Strategic Plan

Challenge Shelton, Washington, was slow to recover from the Great Recession. As of 2018, employment levels had not reached pre-recession levels and the region’s unemployment rate remained several points above the national rate. Furthermore, residents struggled with negative perceptions of the local government and the community itself. Response The city […]

Greater Sacramento Economic Council (CA) – Board Facilitation

Challenge Like communities across the country, Greater Sacramento experienced unprecedented upheavals and accelerated trends brought on by COVID-19. Unemployment hit its highest level in nearly a century just as the capital region began to see economic development efforts pay off. Local leaders realized that traditional business development and marketing tactics

Kirkland Economic Partnership (WA) – Pathway to Kirkland’s Economic Future

Challenge Located at the center of the Seattle metropolitan area, Kirkland benefited from the region’s large population base and its national reputation. Its coveted location allowed Kirkland to integrate a variety of employment opportunities with a livable and vibrant community. Despite these advantages, Kirkland was not immune to threats. The

City of Watsonville, CA – Comprehensive Plan Economic Development Element

Challenge In 2004, the City of Watsonville was faced with a diminishing supply of vacant developable land (less than 2 percent of the total land area). Potential business expansion was further hindered by concerns about the quality of the available workforce, ranging from educational attainment to English language competency. The

Cowlitz Economic Development Council, WA – Economic Development Strategic Plan

Challenge Located in southwestern Washington along the Columbia River, Cowlitz County built a manufacturing-based economy from its roots in the timber and shipping industries. Global economic changes accelerated by the Great Recession meant the sectors most suited to the region’s traditional strengths—a strong network of natural resource-based companies supported by

Matanuska-Susitna (Mat-Su) Borough, AK – Economic Development Strategic Plan

Challenge Situated in South Central Alaska, Mat-Su Borough covers an expansive area totaling nearly 25,000 square miles. Since 1970, Mat-Su has experienced explosive population growth, driven largely by Anchorage residents drawn to its more affordable housing options and appealing lifestyle. The associated residential construction surge resulted in haphazard growth patterns

College Success Foundation (Issaquah, WA) – Higher Education Capacity Study

Challenge In addition to administering the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship Program, the College Success Foundation (CSF) is charged with oversight of the Washington State Opportunity Expansion (WSOE) program. As part of this effort—which evaluates proposals from colleges and universities to increase the production of four-year degrees in high-demand fields—CSF sought

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