City of Arlington, TX – Economic Development Strategy

Challenge Arlington is a city with enviable assets. It lies at the center of two major urban areas—Dallas and Fort Worth—providing access to excellent transportation infrastructure, a rising research university, and world-class tourist attractions. However, the community faces challenges associated with an aging building stock, limited greenfield sites, and competition […]

City of Alvin, TX – Economic Development Strategic Plan

Challenge Alvin, Texas, is strategically located halfway between Houston, the core city of the nation’s fastest-growing large metro area, and Freeport, the nation’s largest petrochemical complex. The city’s location also offers easy access to the region’s four major ports; proximity to Houston Hobby International Airport; and access to Alvin Community

City of Irving, TX – Economic Development Strategic Plan

Challenge The City of Irving, Texas, operates in a highly competitive environment. Despite its many advantages—ranging from its transportation network to available workforce to prime sites—the city is in a constant battle for projects within the fast-growing Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Irving occupies an enviable position in the region but

City of Corning, NY – Economic Development Strategic Plan

Challenge Upstate New York is uniquely challenged. The region’s plight is often masked by state-level economic and demographic statistics that are positively skewed by New York City and well-off suburbs. Despite these broader challenges, the City of Corning has remained an island of stability within the region’s longstanding economic decline.

City of Yoakum, TX – Business Recruitment & Marketing Strategy

Challenge Following significant job losses during the Great Recession, Yoakum, Texas, has experienced steady annual employment growth since the downturn’s official end in 2009. These gains reflect the continued diversification of the area economy, driven in large part by energy-related growth surrounding the Eagle Ford Shale. The city has also

City of Southlake, TX – Economic Development Strategic Plan

Challenge Southlake boasts multiple competitive advantages. It is centrally located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, one of the fastest-growing regions in the United States, and is recognized as a visionary community with active, engaged citizens who are dedicated to high quality, excellence, and success. This reputation also extends to its

City of Shelton, WA – Five-Year Economic Development Strategic Plan

Challenge Shelton, Washington, was slow to recover from the Great Recession. As of 2018, employment levels had not reached pre-recession levels and the region’s unemployment rate remained several points above the national rate. Furthermore, residents struggled with negative perceptions of the local government and the community itself. Response The city

City of Fort Worth, TX – Economic Development Strategic Plan Progress Update

Challenge In December 2017, the City of Fort Worth and TIP Strategies completed an economic development strategic plan (EDSP) built around themes of competitiveness, creativity, and community vitality. The EDSP tied these priorities to four tangible and measurable outcomes over a five-year horizon: high-wage job growth, a more sustainable tax

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