The Production team is responsible for the look and feel of our deliverables and presentations. This team combines high-impact graphic design expertise with a deep commitment to clearly stated, user-friendly language to make sure we leave an impression through our printed and visual materials.

Joni Wilson

Joni earned degrees in nursing, religion, and liberal arts, providing her a wealth of knowledge in various areas. Her editing experience spans more than thirty years and includes publishing houses, adult educational curriculum, businesses, and self-published authors. When not editing from her home in Missouri, she enjoys traveling (especially cruises).

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Tina Avent

Tina studied graphic design and photography at the University of North Texas and has worked as a web developer and graphic designer in Austin for over 20 years, focusing on solving accessibility issues in design. Tina enjoys running sound and lights for live theater, photography, and exploring all things that keep Austin weird.

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Meredith Eberle

Meredith studied photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and later the University of North Texas, graduating with honors. With 20 years of experience, she oversees TIP’s graphic design and brings a passion for beauty to all of her work. Outside TIP, Meredith gardens and pursues diverse creative hobbies.

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Karen Beard

A native of upstate New York, Karen holds degrees in sociology and urban planning. She spent over a decade in survey research and state government before joining TIP in 2000. Although she spends her free time on the coasts of Texas and Maine, she insists she’s not really a beach person.

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