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Milwaukee Technology Council (WI) – Tech Talent Impact Study


The Milwaukee region has a strong base of technology talent with almost 76,000 tech workers that support 140 industries and generate more than $27 billion for the regional economy. However, the region’s technology talent cluster has not grown as rapidly as peer regions’ and has struggled to be competitive at the national level.


To better understand Milwaukee’s technology talent base, TIP Strategies, in support of the Waymaker Group, conducted a study on the impact of tech talent in the greater Milwaukee region. First, TIP worked with the Milwaukee Tech Hub to accurately define the local Tech Talent Cluster using a broad definition that fully encompassed the cross-industry occupational cluster. Using this definition, the Tech Talent Cluster was documented and measured to demonstrate the widespread impacts on the regional economy across many different industry sectors. The study was used to demonstrate the importance of Tech Talent to regional competitiveness and support the launch of the new Milwaukee Tech Hub.

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