Green Bay, Wisconsin, at night via AdobeStock.

Greater Green Bay Chamber (WI) – Economic Development Strategic Plan Update


Since adopting its current economic development strategic plan in May 2017, the Greater Green Bay Chamber had made great strides in addressing the challenges the plan set out. Created with assistance from TIP Strategies, the 2017 plan was organized around an ambitious set of 11 initiatives designed to support the creation of new jobs and investment. In early 2020, roughly three years into the plan’s five-year implementation period, the Chamber began considering an update to the plan. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the US entered a deep economic recession, upending entire industries and affecting millions of workers and businesses.


In response to ongoing economic disruptions, and to position Greater Green Bay for a strong economic recovery, the Chamber engaged TIP to update the prior plan and to help accelerate the community’s positive momentum. The 2017 plan had helped align business leaders, educational partners, and community leaders to achieve notable milestones. However, several priorities emerged as the region looked to the post-pandemic future: the attraction, retention, and alignment of talent; a strong entrepreneurial community; housing development; social equity, and high-profile catalyst projects. By analyzing current conditions, assessing progress toward the implementation of the 2017 plan, and providing best practices from peer cities, TIP delivered a plan update that detailed next steps for sustainable economic growth and emphasized the Chamber’s role in nurturing regional collaboration and unity.

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