Sounder Station courtesy of City of Auburn, Washington.

City of Auburn, WA – Ten-Year Economic Development Strategic Plan


From its origins as a farming community, Auburn has transformed into a center for industry, serving as home to one of Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ most essential fabrication sites and the world’s largest airplane parts plant. The community’s commitment to quality of place is evident in its attention to civic spaces as part of recent downtown redevelopment projects and investments such as the Auburn Environmental Park. Auburn’s designation as an Innovation Partnership Zone further illustrates the city’s forward-thinking approach and demonstrates its focus on economic success through partnerships. Even with all its successes, local leaders understand the only path to a sustainable, healthy economy is through good jobs and a diversified economic base.


TIP led a multi-disciplinary team of consultants through a comprehensive scope of work that included an assessment of Auburn’s competitive position, a deep dive into the city’s real estate market fundamentals, a review of the regulatory environment, a market capacity study, and an analysis of retail opportunities. In addition, TIP surveyed regional commercial real estate brokers (to document perceptions of Auburn as a place to do business), conducted a target industry analysis, reviewed key marketing materials, and provided organizational recommendations. The plan was organized around four focus areas: delivery—a service delivery system for economic development opportunities; product—a business climate and a physical environment that foster growth and ensure resiliency; place—attractive gateways, corridors, and destinations; and messaging—coordinated marketing that elevates Auburn’s reputation, internally and externally.

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