Geography of Jobs

Net Job Gains / Losses by Metropolitan Statistical Area

The Geography of Jobs map is a dynamic visualization of job gains and losses over the last 15+ years for every metro area in the U.S. The red and blue bubbles represent a rolling 12-month net change in total employment for each metro area. Simply press Play and watch the animation unfold.

Note: Data for April 2020 show the initial spike in lost jobs resulting from the shutdown orders and safety guidelines put in place at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US. Over the next 11 months, these losses slowly shrink as employment levels start to recover, but they have yet to approach pre-COVID levels. In April 2021, the sudden flip from “jobs lost” to “jobs gained” reflects the recovery of jobs relative to April 2020. It does not indicate that employment suddenly recovered to pre-COVID levels, only that most metro areas have recovered some of the jobs initially lost in April 2020. We anticipate these 12-month job gains will slowly shrink over the next 11 months as employment settles into a new equilibrium.