Our Process

  • DiscoveryWe begin our process by reviewing available materials, visiting with community stakeholders, and conducting a targeted analysis of economic and demographic trends.

  • OpportunityNext, we work with the community to identify priority projects, set goals, and build consensus around a shared vision of economic success.

  • ImplementationOur strategic plans include an implementation matrix that our clients can use to define next steps, measure progress, and effect tangible results in their communities.

Our Perspective

Our broad perspective encompasses non-traditional elements of economic development.

Talent, Innovation, and Place is our framework for long-term vitality.
  • Talent Talent means recruiting and retaining an educated and experienced labor pool—it appreciates mobility, gender opportunities, and enfranchising young professionals.

  • InnovationInnovation ensures long-term vitality and resilience. Entrepreneurship can be nurtured through an ecosystem of resources that support the commercialization of new ideas.

  • PlaceQuality of Place provides a framework for recognizing the benefits of change and its implications for business attraction and entrepreneurship.

Thought Leadership – Trends Shaping Economic Development

  • Economy
    The Great Recession has transformed communities across the country.

  • Demographics
    As the baby boom generation gradually leaves the workforce, a significant labor deficit will be created.

  • Talent
    To maintain a sustainable workforce a community must retain and attract young professionals.

  • Resources
    Population growth and rapidly modernizing economies put a heavy strain on already scarce resources.

  • Globalization
    The global economy–from many perspectives–has become increasingly complex and interconnected (and it continues to morph).

  • Innovation
    Small businesses and entrepreneurial activity stimulate job creation, spur innovation, and diversify the economic base.