TIP Strategies is hiring for an Economic Development Consultant

TIP Strategies is seeking qualified candidates to serve as an Economic Development Consultant. Consultants are involved in all aspects of projects including scope of work definition, client management, research and analysis, site visits, focus group and interview facilitation, strategy development, and production of deliverables to clients.

TIP Strategies is hiring for an Associate Consultant

TIP Strategies is hiring for an Associate Consultant. The description for this position follows. To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to resume@tipstrategies.com. The subject line of the email should be ASSOCIATE CONSULTANT. Please name your resume LAST NAME_FIRST NAME. Any questions regarding the position may also be directed to the email listed above.

TIP Strategies is Hiring for a Relationship Manager!

TIP Strategies is hiring for a relationship manager. This position is responsible for managing TIP’s business relationships with past clients, prospective clients, and others. Candidates are required to be based in Austin, Texas, or the surrounding metro area. Read a full job description and instructions for application on our blog.

MassDevelopment: Blueprint for Economic Diversification

By: Alex Cooke, senior consultant, TIP Strategies Image credit: Salem Muster [Image 1 of 2], by 1SG Donald Veitch via DVIDS (Public Domain) TIP recently completed an engagement for MassDevelopment, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’s economic development and finance...

Washington State: Planning for the Defense Sector’s Future

By: Ashton Allison, consultant, TIP Strategies USS Abraham Lincoln Returns to Washington [Image 2 of 2] by Seaman Jerine Lee via DVIDS (Public Domain) In 2015, TIP Strategies was selected by the Washington Department of Commerce as the lead contractor for multiple...