TIP has partnered with the National League of Cities (NLC) First Tier Suburbs Council once again to offer pro bono consulting services as part of a joint economic development program. This will be the third year TIP has had the opportunity to partner with NLC in this endeavor.

The purpose of the TIP–NLC partnership is to offer services tailored to first-tier suburbs. Typically, these communities were the first to form around major cities after WWII. Because of their proximity to large cities, first-tier suburbs are often overshadowed by the adjoining municipality’s economy and ability to attract resources.

This year, TIP and NLC selected The First Suburbs Consortium of Dayton (FSC-Dayton), Ohio, to participate in a data-driven program that sparks new ideas and creative implementation actions for the recipient community. The pool of applicants was competitive, and FSC-Dayton was ultimately chosen for its compelling project related to retaining, attracting, and growing the local talent base.

Over the next several months, TIP will work with FSC-Dayton to gather and analyze regional economic data, which will culminate in a half-day conference of elected leaders, government officials, economic developers, nonprofit organizations, and education professionals. Attendees of the conference will review the results of TIP’s data analysis, learn from national best practices, generate ideas for addressing talent challenges, and identify opportunities for regional collaboration. TIP’s analysis and the conference outcomes will then be featured at NLC’s City Summit later this year.

Previously, TIP partnered with NLC in 2020 to host a conference with the Phoenix East Valley suburbs focused on small business recovery and in 2019 with the First Suburbs Coalition of the Mid-America Regional Council (Kansas City metropolitan area) focused on workforce housing solutions.