Established in 1995, TIP Strategies, Inc., has worked with communities throughout the country to develop innovative, publicly supported economic development strategies. Our team members have experience with a variety of clients across the United States and internationally.

While our demographic and industry analyses serve as the foundation for our strategic plans, we pride ourselves on our ability to think creatively—we develop a vision that is supported by the data, but not driven by it. Our approach places a premium on well-informed decision-making, sound planning practices, and a commitment to the future.

Our Partners

We know that we don't have all of the answers. With this in mind, we frequently collaborate with other firms who are national leaders in their fields. A few of the companies we work with Partners See All of Our Partners »


On April 21st, TIP managing director, Jon Roberts, and urban studies theorist Richard Florida gave complementary presentations at the 2016 EDiS Institute.

TIP senior partner, Jeff Marcell, was invited to participate in the City of Buenos Aires’s Global Districts Summit. Jeff shares his thoughts on the conference and the lessons learned from Buenos Aires’s innovation districts. He also shares recommendations for the future of the districts, made by himself and a delegation of other economic development professionals from the US.

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