Sachse (TX) Economic Development Corporation- Fiscal Impact Analysis

ChallengeSachse, Texas, is situated in the rapidly growing area northeast of Dallas. With plans to add an intersection along a primary thoroughfare –– the President George Bush Turnpike (State Highway 190) –– the city has the opportunity to position itself as a destination for new residential and commercial growth. To maximize these opportunities, the City of Sachse explored the adoption of a more flexible, form-based code. To help understand the impacts of the proposed Turnpike District Overlay Code on development patterns within the city’s PGBT District, the Sachse Economic Development Corporation engaged TIP Strategies to analyze the fiscal impacts of a range of development scenarios.

ApproachTIP was asked to illustrate how revenues under traditional development scenarios modeled by in previous studies would compare with development under the proposed form-based code To accomplish this task, we considered three scenarios: 1) a mixed-use development scenario created through an extensive charrette process conducted during the planning process for the proposed Turnpike District Overlay Code, 2) a scenario based on a “northern alignment” of the PGBT identified in by a prior consulting project, and 3) an updated version of the northern alignment scenario which better reflected the region’s highly competitive retail environment. For each scenario, TIP modeled the direct fiscal impacts in terms of property and sales tax collections that would be anticipated for the City of Sachse and the Garland Independent School District, as well as a broad estimate of the additional service costs that might be expected.

OutcomeA number of cities along the PGBT have mounted aggressive efforts to attract commercial development, limiting the types of new projects available to Sachse. To further complicate matters, the city has long suffered from a lack of visibility in the region. The fiscal impact analysis was conducted in concert with the preparation of an economic development marketing plan for the city intended to raise Sache’s profile. A key element of the plan was positioning Sachse as a destination for quality development and skilled workers. The adoption of a form-based code would provide the city the means to encourage innovative development projects to help differentiate it from other PGBT projects. The fiscal impact analysis, while not definitive, suggested that such development patterns would also provide higher revenues in the long run.

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