Coastal Bend Council of Governments (TX) – Strategic Economic Assessment

ChallengeFaced with lagging population growth, income levels below the state average, and a poorly diversified industrial base, across its 12-county region, the Coastal Bend Council of Governments (CBCOG) hired TIP to conduct a strategic economic assessment of the region, which includes Corpus Christi. The purpose of the assessment —which focused on the region’s economy, workforce, business climate, infrastructure, and key industries—was to build a foundation for a regional economic development strategy and marketing effort.

ApproachThe assessment included an economic base analysis, a labor force analysis, a target sector analysis, and a set of strategic recommendations. The study incorporated existing data on the region and its component counties, as well as the findings from interviews with more than 90 business owners, executives, political leaders, and community officials from the region. In addition, TIP utilized a random telephone survey of individuals in all 12 counties to develop a profile of the area’s available workforce.

OutcomeTIP presented a set of strategic recommendations for the region’s leadership to consider in future planning processes that included the creation of a workforce forum to address workforce issues, as well as enhanced communication between the business community and the region’s colleges and universities. Industries recommended for targeting included food processing, chemicals, plastics, metal fabrication, electronics, transportation equipment, warehousing and distribution, and business services. The consulting team also recommended that the CBCOG initiate a regional marketing effort to increase awareness of regional challenges and build consensus on potential solutions. The planning document has been used to support economic development efforts led by the Greater Corpus Christi Business Alliance and many of the local economic development organizations throughout the 12-county region.

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