Town of Addison (TX) – Economic Development Strategic Plan

ChallengeThe long-term economic vitality of Addison stands at a critical juncture. For many years, Addison benefitted from its strategic location within the DFW Metroplex, superior transportation access, diverse retail and dining options, and growing importance to business and private aviation interests in the region. These assets alone are no longer sufficient to guarantee Addison’s continued growth and prosperity in the face of vigorous competition for new investment and jobs in the region. Addison must adopt a more assertive approach to strengthening its economic base. At the same time the city must preserve its unique quality of life and character. This plan was developed with those goals in mind.

ApproachThe information for the planning effort was gathered primarily through stakeholder interviews and focus groups conducted by the consulting team. Interviews and discussions were conducted with 21 individuals representing business, municipal government, public service, and economic development in the Addison area. The consulting team also led six focus group discussions involving 54 participants representing various local business sectors and Town leadership.

OutcomeThe central goal of the plan was establishing a formal economic development program from scratch. This entailed strategies and actions focused on organizational structure, staffing, funding, and incentives. The plan also detailed strategies addressing other critical issues such as business retention and expansion, supporting entrepreneurship, and continuing to emphasize quality planning practices and design standards. TIP presented the final plan to the Addison City Council in August 2010. The plan was subsequently adopted by council and implementation initiated. The Town has begun the process of establishing an economic development department and hiring full-time professional staff.

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Photo credit Jay R Simonson