Bexar County (TX) – Automotive Industry Research

ChallengeAs part of its efforts to organize the region’s automotive plants and suppliers into a marketing organization, Bexar County contracted TIP Strategies to develop a report on the Texas – Northeastern Mexico automotive industry cluster. The purpose of the report was to highlight industry trends and profile the region and its automotive assets.

ApproachThe consulting team researched local, national, and international industry trends using detailed industry data as well as conventional and industry-specific periodicals. This information was published in a flip-book style report with rich graphics and clear, concise text to create a report in an easy-to-use and versatile format.

OutcomeThe report was presented at the Texas-Mexico Automotive SuperCluster Conference in November 2008. The conference was sponsored by the Bexar County Economic Development Department, the City of San Antonio, and the Free Trade Alliance San Antonio.

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