TIP Engaged By The East Michigan COG For Regional Prosperity Strategy

August 10, 2014

By: John Karras, Consultant, TIP Strategies

The State of Michigan has embarked on a cutting-edge experiment in regional collaboration, the Regional Prosperity Initiative (RPI). Michigan has created 10 Prosperity Regions with the goal of aligning the efforts and programs in five domains—economic development, transportation, workforce development, adult education, and higher education—within each zone. The East Michigan Council of Governments has engaged TIP Strategies to develop a Regional Prosperity Strategy for an eight-county area in East Central Michigan centered on the cities of Saginaw, Midland, and Bay City. The region and the state of Michigan have endured a multi-decade decline in their manufacturing sector, largely driven by the automotive sector. Manufacturing is making a partial comeback, with solid job growth since 2010, but the region has many assets that can be leveraged to grow the region’s economy beyond manufacturing.
Created by Governor Rick Snyder in 2012, the Regional Prosperity Initiative is a voluntary competitive grant process intended to encourage local private, public, and non-profit partners to create vibrant regional economies. The RPI recognizes that local partners are often in a better position to determine and affect the factors that drive economic prosperity. Establishing a formal mechanism for regional collaboration also provides opportunity for shared service delivery and technical assistance for local communities from their regions. In addition, by creating a strong regional strategy for economic prosperity, local partners will be better able to compete locally in an increasingly global economy.
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