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January 1, 2013

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August – A Practitioner’s Perspective On Understanding And Developing Industry Clusters
July – Austin Vs. Seattle: Talent, Innovation, And Place
June – Special Edition: 2014 World Cup
May – How TIP Strategies Visualizes EMSI Employment Data
April – SXSW Interactive: Through the Economic Development Looking Glass
March – Understanding Your Talent Base
February – GHP’s Regional Workforce Development Task Force


June – Economist: The definition of a ‘job’ is changing
April – TIP’s Talent Report Card
February – Skills Gap: Reality or Myth?
January – Fostering Tech Talent in Schools


October – Fostering Tech Talent in Schools
September – Employment Resources for Transitioning Service Members
August – The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
July – Resources for Transitioning Service Members and Employers
June – Taking Ownership of a Strategic Plan: KABA’s Annual Report
May – Project Update: Temple (TX) Economic Development Corporation
March – Demonstrating “Military Value” in Defense Communities
January – Practitioners’ Forum: What Does The Future of Jobs Mean for Your Community


December – The Future of Jobs
November – Talent-Driven Cluster Analysis
October – India Remakes Global Innovation
August – The Future of Manufacturing
July – Feasibility Study: Establishing a Wet-Lab Incubator in Austin, TX
June – Client Success Story: Kenosha Area Business Alliance
April – Workforce Matters
March – Geography of Jobs – Updated through January 2011
February – The Many Measures of a Place


January – The Austin Connection


September – TIP to attend SEUS-Japan
July – Harnessing the Groundswell
April – Geography of Jobs Animated Map
February – Resetting the Economy


October – Is the Sky Falling?


September – Economic Development News focused on Talent, Innovation, & Place

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